Nehallenia Welcomes You!



Welcome to the Temple of the Ways, the center for Nehallenic Wicca on the Internet! Essentially, Nehallenic Wicca is the blending of continental Celtic and Norse-Teutonic traditions with Roman ideas and symbolized by the goddess Nehallenia.

It was decided in spring 2003 that the Nehallenic Tradition would “go public”–stop being just a local and closed tradition and make itself known to the greater Wiccan/Pagan community. We believed that to add our tradition’s information to the greater body of knowledge would benefit both the tradition and the Wiccan religion.  Today we’re celebrating ten years of sharing the Temple of the Ways by launching a new and hopefully improved website!

We should include a note on spelling. The tradition has chosen “Nehallenia” as our spelling of the goddess’ name. It can also be found as Nehalennia and Nehallennia. None is more right than another.

The Temple of the Ways was formerly a lodge called Aldsvider Loar Nevez, founded in or around 1978.  Today we are coming to you from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.


Nehallenic – pertaining to the goddess Nehallenia

Temple of the Ways Location – originates in the Philadelphia, PA area, with groups now in France, Belgium, and the Netherlands

Roots – in the meeting of Gallic (continental Celtic) and Teutonic-Norse cultures and influences in what is the modern day Netherlands

Origins – Domburg, the Netherlands, at the mouth of the Rhine river; altars to her have also been found in Cologne, Germany

Example of Inscription – “To the goddess Nehallenia, on account of goods duly kept safe, Marcus Secundinius Silvanus, trader in pottery with Britain, fulfilled his vow willingly and deservedly.”

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